Kwilin Realty & Brokerage is a tech-powered real estate agency forged by strong sense of service and values across its clientele and brokers network.

Who we are

KWILIN REALTY & BROKERAGE was first established in 2011 by Licensed Real Estate Broker Ms. Ana Trazona – the owner of Arohaland Corporation. The company relaunched in 2018, bringing along advanced technology and digital systems to keep up with the demands of the booming real estate industry.

Jonathan E. Floreta

Operations Consul

Ana Montenegro Trazona

Head Broker / Finance

Cherrey Mae P. Bartolata

Enterprise Resource Planning

Harold E. Ople

Business Affairs

Find your purpose in life, and find a business that supports that purpose. “Purpose is not about if you love it or not, it’s what you are meant to be,” is a far fetched from the old saying “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Find purpose. Get it done.

Jonathan E. Floreta

Operations Consul, Kwilin Realty & Brokerage

Success is to live a life of purpose. It is not about the money or luxury that usually goes with it, but it is about the freedom of unlimited opportunities you can have for yourself and for others. The goal is to bring as much people along in the ride so they can also do the same to others as we had for them.

Cherrey Mae P. Bartolata

VP - Enterprise Resource Planning, Kwilin Realty & Brokerage

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